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UWRF WEEKS 3 and 4

Weeks 3 and 4

These two weeks have gone by insanely fast, it is currently Wednesday September 26th, at 11pm, and I am currently working on my English 100 Essay about “The purpose of Education”. I think this topic is really interesting because we are always expected to go to college after high school but there are a lot of things wrong with the education system. Not to mention the price of secondary education. 

I am thankful for the weather starting to cool down, I can wear the same sweatshirt for a week and not feel bad about it or feel hot all the time. Fall is my favorite season for the Halloween spooky season, the cool weather, warm drinks, and everyone is so excited for the holidays! I am starting my Christmas list, is that too early? Maybe, but I want to get a head start because I feel like once thanksgiving time comes around, its going to be midterms/final exam time. 

Surprisingly I am doing well in my math class and haven’t had many problems now which is great because anyone who knows me knows that I am not very good at math. I really like my professor, she is very nice and genuinely wants to teach. 

Now, the best thing thats been going on lately is the start of the new season of American Horror Story. This season is entitled “Apocalypse”. This season starts of with nuclear ballistic missiles destroying the earth and there are designated survivor shelters. This season is a crossover between season 1 and season 3 which is super exciting to see characters that we grew to love over the years. Every Wednesday I am able to watch this show that brings me so much joy. Sophie and Rachel and I are able to talk about the show together and we really connected over this show so even though we are in college and far apart, we have something we are able to bond over.

Tonight I attended the College Democrats meeting and it was cool to meet people that have similar views as I do. We played an awesome game called “Who tweeted it” that went through things that Trump said VS Different Game of Thrones Characters, Buddy the Elf, Random Teens, Kanye West and Movie Villains. Well, the Donald definitely tweets some some sh*t. I won the game with 26 points! It was super cool cause it was my first meeting and it was kinda cool to show that I am involved in politics and I do enjoy it. I was also able to put my absentee ballot in the mail today which was awesome because I am happy that I am able to vote. I know teens have not usually voted in a midterm election, but we are fed up with the government and the house and senate being ruined by republicans. I stand firmly in my political views, or should I say I kneel. 

I am doing well, and although I miss my old teachers and staff from Woodbury, I feel good and I hope that things are going up!

PS!!! I recently got a new tattoo that I am in LOVE WITH. Halloween is close and I am ready for the spooks!



Shoutout to Matt from Rose of No Mans Land in Woodbury! He did phenomenal!

Shoutout to Matt from Rose of No Mans Land in Woodbury! He did phenomenal!

Sexual Assault and #METOO

Sexual Assault and #METOO